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Four-Star Friday is back with six prospects who recently joined the elite ranks of four-star prospects. The national analyst team identified some recruits who were given a four-star rating.

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FACT OR FICTION: Georgia leads for four-star OL Dontrell Glover

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“Brown has been one of my favorite wideouts to watch this offseason in the Mid-South. He stands out at 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, with a wiry frame that he will be able to add mass to with time. This spring and summer, in the camp and national 7-on-7 circuit, Brown has shown off elite ball-tracking ability as well as body contortion and awareness that brings highlight reel catches. It also seems when the competition across him gets better, so does he.

“Brown’s long strides help him glide past defenders, allowing him to get on top of defenses as a vertical threat. He is also a red zone weapon where his quarterback can put the ball in the air and let him do the rest, often rising well above defenders. Brown has lined up both inside and outside on Friday nights. Even with a light frame, Brown is not an easy tackle and is good after the catch, both in the open field and fighting through traffic. He has used this offseason to add a deeper bag of route running abilities, which should lead to a career-best season as a senior.

“The new four-star is closing in on 20 offers, including Texas, Baylor and Arizona State.” - Marshall Levenson, national recruiting analyst


“The evaluations for Boucard have become international, with the Canadian getting on the radar in 2022 before kicking off his American high school career at Mobile (Ala.) Christian last year. After some flashes in SEC country, he made the move to South Florida at storied Miami (Fla.) Central and introduced himself in a big way at the Miami Under Armour camp, dominating from the point and with surprising quickness at well over 300 pounds. He then began trimming up, arriving at the Rivals Camp Series in Miami at 313 pounds, still plenty quick off of the football in another strong showing.

“Boucard jumped from a high three-star to earning his fourth star through the combination of showings Rivals has seen in person this year, combined with a steady progression with his frame at nearly 6-foot-3. The Canadian is getting more trim every time he is seen, still showcasing immense pound-for-pound power along the way.

“At last live check, Boucard is down to 305 pounds, and his recruitment has never been more contested. Georgia, Alabama, USC, Miami, Oklahoma and others are jockeying for position from the interior disrupter through official visits. USC got the most recent, last weekend, and made a major first impression. OU gets the chance to have him on campus for the first time this coming weekend and it could create a shift in this recruitment.” - John Garcia Jr., national recruiting analyst


“Verifying the measurables was the major thing holding Goodman back from earning a higher rating earlier in the rankings cycle. During the spring we got to see just how big Goodman really is and how he was able to move during an in-person evaluation, which led to his bump to four-star in the most recent rankings update.

“Goodman is a legitimate 6-foot-5 and 315 pounds, and carries that mass extremely well. He has solid quickness out of his stance and his impressive strength was obvious while watching him go through drills.

Auburn, Penn State and Georgia have hosted Goodman for official visits so far. Up next is Alabama this weekend and USC next weekend.” - Adam Friedman, rankings director and national transfer portal analyst


“Myles is emerging as one of the best receivers in the West if not the country and while he hasn't done a ton of national events, when the new four-star shows up somewhere he dominates and impresses in numerous ways.

“The Draper (Utah) Corner Canyon standout only played half of last season but still had nearly 500 receiving yards and averaged more than 25 yards per catch as he uses his speed and playmaking ability to his advantage. To Ole Miss' credit, the Rebels targeted Myles early in the recruiting process, far earlier than a lot of other programs, and Myles committed to the SEC program in late April.

"He has put up great times this offseason and Myles has shown he's an elite playmaker with great hands. He's definitely worthy of a four-star ranking and could move even higher with a big senior season which is fully expected.” - Adam Gorney, national recruiting director



“There are certain programs that know how to identify and develop offensive linemen. Wisconsin, Penn State, Iowa and Notre Dame are all programs that come to mind. All of them have had heavy interest in Nichols.

“Standing at 6-foot-5, 320 pounds, he’s a prospect that could give a college some real versatility. Nichols likely projects to guard where he’s more of a natural mauler but he’s got good enough feet to help out at tackle if needed. He’s got a strong punch and when he gets engaged with a defender they don’t break loose.

“He made his debut in the Rivals250 in the most recent update and he’s likely to keep climbing.” - Greg Smith, national recruiting analyst


“We loved what we saw from Thomassie. Taking snaps as a 6-foot-5, 270-pound sophom*ore left tackle, he showed the ability to reach the second level and dominate at the point of attack. A strong sophom*ore campaign was compounded by a big emphasis on the weight room in the spring.

"Oregon and Florida State are early offers on the table with LSU and Notre Dame also teams to watch.” - Sam Spiegelman, national recruiting analyst

Rivals.com  -  Four-Star Friday: Breaking down six new four-star prospects (2024)
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