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Long have the jaws of Oblivion been bound closed, yet there are those who would seek to pry open the maw of destruction once more to meet their nefarious ends. The long shattered heart of an empire has come to the lands of Skyrim’s strife, and waits for one who is bound to it to once again make it whole.

Legacy of the Dragonborn is one of the most acclaimed expansion sized mods for Skyrim which offers without equal; the most versatile, most expansive and most extensive display space for artifacts the Elder Scrolls series has ever seen! On top of offering a Museum for display of nearly 4600 potential unique items and sets (including supported mods), this mod offers an entirely new guild faction you start from the ground up, “The Explorer’s Society”. It offers dozens of new quest, a handful of major quest arcs and numerous useful and unique mechanics all centered around your home at the Dragonborn Gallery in Solitude.

Legacy is designed as a foundational mod to build your load order and entire playthrough around. It is recommended that you START your game with this mod and all chosen supported mods and patches already installed and ready to go. Legacy will change the way you look at Skyrim, change the way you play the game and give you cause and reason for doing everything you do as the Dragonborn. The museum not only offers display space for your loot, but also tracks various accomplishments with detailed displays, shows what you have achieved and where you have been.

As the story of the mod is designed around the canonical aspect of the player being the Dragonborn, it will potentially break some immersion to otherwise play as a non-Dragonborn. The main quest of Legacy centers around it and depends upon certain vanilla quests establishing you as such.

Download today and see why so many people are saying “I don’t play Skyrim anymore, I play Legacy of the Dragonborn”.


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Dragonborn Gallery - A massive museum graces the capital of Solitude (right next to the blue palace), which houses space for over 4500 possible artifacts, quest displays and more from vanilla, Legacy and supported mods.

The Safehouse - A fully equipped player home with all the amenities you could ever want with every crafting station available plus custom disenchanting station, soul gem transmorgraphier, soul extractor, archeology station, replica workbench and more. Space for a family and an entourage is available for purchase at Bits and Pieces, as well as options for a greenhouse and luxury patio. Top it off with display storage that makes a home feel lived in and a hidden treasury and more, the safehouse becomes a display piece all its own.

Craftloot - An intelligent crafting system that stores all your crafting resources locally and puts them all into your inventory on activating one of the crafting stations. A spell is also available to access your crafting storage at will from anywhere. Craftloot can be enabled to function anywhere in the world!

Hundreds of New Relics - Legacy adds a massive array of relics and collections to the game as well as provides unique meshes and textures to virtually every unique item in the game.

A Complex Questline - The true destiny of the Dragonborn comes to light in an extensive main questline that seeks to bring together relics from those tied to the two aspects of the Chim-El Adabal; Lorkhan and Akatosh. This completely rewritten quest allows those who played in the past to play anew with new foes, new paths and new outcomes.

The Explorers Guild - Bored of the same guilds in Skyrim? We've got you covered. With a brand new Guild you establish yourself known as the Explorer Society. Recruit members, setup expeditions and take advantage of the Guild member's unique skills. All culminating in 3 massive expedition quests with tricky boss battles and breath-taking set pieces.

Maximum Compatibility - Legacy provides a FOMOD patch installer, available at Legacy Patch Central which will detect all mods you have activated in your load order and recommend which patches are needed.

Automatic Display Sorting - If you'd rather not wander through the Gallery looking for the display spot for your new treasures, the curator's office features an auto-sorter which will scan your inventory and display any items you've collected. This updated system works faster than ever before, only looking for groups of items you have in your inventory rather than running the full list.

Replica Crafting - Want to use that powerful relic you found? Well don't deprive the museum of a display, make a replica of it today!

A New Skill (Archaeology) - as you discover more of the hundreds of dig sites dotted around Skyrim you will advance levels in Archaeology allowing you to turn your fragments into new and interesting relics. Some with special abilities and others just for show. Archaeology also has 3 new perk trees, which are independent of the Skyrim perk system for maximum compatibility!

Fossil Excavating -Find fossils in mining nodes and at specialize fossil beds in the hot springs tundra to create new amazing natural science displays.

Museum shipment crates - Too much loot? Setup delivery crates from the curator's office. This station will let you enable crates next to the carriage drivers, at vanilla and BYOH player homes as well as outside of Inns. Enable in any combination you like or none at all. Placing items inside of them will ship the items back to the museum in a few days.

And much more to discover...


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Everything you need to know can be found in the Legacy of the Dragonborn Full Guide. This comprehensive article contains installation instructions, support guidelines, testing guides, upgrade and script cleaning information, links to the compatibility and FAQ guides as well as other important resources. This document and and it's linked articles are REQUIRED READING for anyone seeking support. If the answers to your question is found in one of these articles we will simply tell you to read the Guide or read the FAQ.

Patch Support

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Legacy offers patches for a large variety of mods to resolve conflicts between them or to offer display and/or quest display support. All patches are provided in ESL format and are contained within a FOMOD installer hosted on the Legacy Patch Central mod page, curated by our patch master SirJesto.

For a full, downloadable list including links to the mods and additional information on what the patch provides, one is available on our Google Drive by clicking the "Patch List" button above.

Legacy no longer offers any built in, self patching support beyond a handful of integrated features for other mods such as drinking water for needs mods, etc. and handles all compatibility with ESL flagged ESP patches.

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Officially Endorsed Content

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These projects are officially endorsed Legacy content providers either created by development team members or reviewed by us as good companion content


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Special thanks to all the amazing team members who have been with me for a very long time as well as all the amazing folks who have joined on from the Odyssey team in order to help make Legacy amazing.

Development Team
Icecreamassassin - Mod Author
Pickysaurus - Co-author
SirJesto - Patchmaster
Kriana - Support Writer, Playtester Coordinator, Patch coordinator
JCBQ - Community Manager, patch assistant
HigheverRains - Assistant 3D/interior design
Arkayn - Implementation assistant
Stonehands - Writer, Community Support
Jelidity - Creation Club Patch page curator
Rhaella - Xbox version coordinator and support
TheNoobyDuelist - Typo/Spelling patch curator

Voice Actors
Will Handford - Auryen Morellus, Madras, Griegor
Musetrigger - Patero Marassi
Caitlin Buckley - Latoria
Grungehog - Kyre Oldenson
SoveriegnElise - Eriana
Ragnallson - Avram
Kyler45 - Brother Ikard, Mordekai
CassandraWladyslava - Ezra
VloCro - Argus Fenneric, Hagar
CompleteTheCircuit - Rakis / Thalmor Assassin
Clay Thompson - Jelal
Wilson Skomal - Asterion
Gawdclan - Byron
Daniel Hodge - The Herald of Akatosh
MeekVoice - Hjorunn, Falk Firebeard, MArcus Flynn, Vigilant Astrian, Khajiit Guard, Nord Guard
Jay Parker - Cedric Aldrus
Matt Reichardt - Tulvan Ironbear, Nord guard
Kyle Walls - Radcliff the Troubadour
Nicolle Pucci - Asterlle, Gordrak
Hannah Hebblethwaite - Verna Aldrus
Thea Solone - Lolette, Vigilant Tylende, Nord guard, Wood elf guard
Sharon Grünwald - Millie
JakeTheSilent - Vigilant Morgi, Orc guard, Vigilant Burondis, Argonian guard
Maxogorath - Dark elf guard
Elizabeth Plant - Altmer guard
Pentaclipse - Imperial guard, Vigilant Cindra
DiamondKoopa - Henry (my son)
Icecreamassassin - Wulfharth, Tulrin Deathweaver, Malakai, Penitus Oculatus Messenger, Variccio the collector

Key Playtesters
...and several others

For a full listing of credited assets incorporated into this project with the generous contribution by their respective authors, see the Credits Article

And special thanks to my Patreon supporters! You help make this possible!

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Alexis Garoufalis
Alyssa Evans
Alyssa-lilly Tremblay
Andrew L Butula
Asbin Gurung
Ben Charas
Brandon Shavers
C Wood
Charlie Barto
Chris Holt
Cindy Johanson
Claire W.
Cpt. Wedge
Dagny Osk
Daniel Cox
David Miles
Donald Bass
Eric Seegers
Fermin Ayucar
Ian M. Walker
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Jackson Blake
Jacob Mohr
Jake Charity
James Van Anda
Jayden Foley
Jenna Matthews
Jeramy Quintanar
Jeremy Fecteau
Joshua Barron
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Kathleen J. Nelson
Kerry Kim
Lao Shee
laura lorincz
Linda Barming
Logan Wagner
Lord Oozik
Luther Lumen_Sage
Mark Zimmerman
Marta Bertrand
Matt Bendickson
Matthew MacSween
Megan Large
Michael Hodge
Mike Watling
Nessa B
Old Gamer Broad
Omar Luciano Lopez
Patrick Reed
Peter Murtha
Philip Langetoft Hellesen
Raven Fire
Rayhne Sinclair
Rebecca Bruyere
Reed Dickerson
Regi Valkyr
Robert Broome
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Samuel Riley
Silja Birgisdottir
Thomas Waldrop
Tiffany Ware
William McBee
Winona Albers
Woody Alan Fortunato
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Zaric Zhakaron
Zero Period

All original creative content is Copyright 2014 by Travis Brown (aka Icecreamassassin). All rights reserved without written permission.

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