Backrooms Pantheon Sandbox (2024)

Chapter 1: Self-Righteous Suicide

“And they crucified him, and parted his garments, casting lots: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots.”

Matthew 27:35

1 The textile which made up the crimson robes Jesus wore before His crucifixion were worth more to the Romans than the man nailed to the cross before them.

2 The outer pieces of his robes were cut by dull blades into four pieces by the guards around the cross. The inner coat of his robes was a single, seamless piece of wool, so they instead chose at random who would get to keep it.

3 That was how little they cared for him, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

4 They grinned as they gambled for the cloth, the clothes once on his back were worth more to them. They played around like children as the man on the cross remained there.

5 His hair was long, his skin dark, an unkempt beard, and a face bearing unimaginable torment. He writhed in pain, silently.

6 The soldiers were prideful as they spat upon the body of Christ.

They intended to humiliate him in his final mortal moments, his head bowed below the sign nailed above his head, reading "IESVS NAZARENVS REX IVDÆORVM". That is to say, mockingly, Jesus of Nazereth, King of The Jews".

One mocked him: "How many others have you saved, King of Jews? Yet you cannot save yourself", he said, "If you are really the son of God, then come down from the cross yourself. Then we will believe in you".

Jesus said nothing.

As He lay there, suspended upon the cross, Jesus looked to the heavens. His face was drenched in blood, soaking his crown of thorns.

He cried out in pain, "God… my Lord… why have you forsaken me?”.

He grit his teeth, and looked into the crowd, perhaps seeking an answer. He saw dozens of people looking up at him, Romans and Jews, soldiers and peasants. Some smiled. Some had the same look of sorrow he did. And yet others stared blankly.

One face stood out in the crowd, glowing in the fading sunshine. Mary smiled sadly at Jesus, knowingly. Her misty eyes were full of sorrow and grief, and yet she smiled. Even looking at her son hanging off of a piece of wood, bleeding and falling apart in front of everyone, her resolve remained true.

And Christ smiled, for her expression alone gave him the resolve that he needed. Christ knew in his soul that this what must happen.

He knew in his heart of hearts that this is what happen for man to be forgiven, this is what he must do. For he is the son of God sent to Earth to die for the sins of man, as foretold in prophecy.

Yet in this moment, Jesus, wholly man and wholly divine, was in torment. He bled from each wound, he was starving, and dying of thirst. His tongue was dry, hanging out of his mouth. One soldier cackled sad*stically, taking a sponge soaked with vinegar and sticking it against his mouth, mockingly offering him a drink of wine.

The vinegar burned at the open wounds on Jesus's face and body. It was too much for his mortal body to handle, growing frail. He felt himself succumbing to the damage his body and mind sustained.

"Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit", he whispered, as the last bit of air escaped his lungs. His head hung low, as he went limp.

As he slowly drifted away, he saw the light of the afternoon sun fade into darkness, as dark clouds rolled over the heavens. He could feel a gentle rumbling from the Earth which shook the cross he was nailed to, and he heard screams. The last thing he felt were cool drops of rain hitting his body, as those in the crowd screamed in terror.

And everything went quiet, and dark. And from the darkness, soon enough, there was light. He expected to see clouds, and angels, and his Father in heaven. His eyes adjusted, and he saw white.

But it was not the pure, pristine, white of heaven, but a dirty and dusty gray white, covering his eyes. Jesus raised his hand, but felt something restricting it. His entire body, in fact, was trapped. He had been wrapped in cloth.

He struggled for a moment, his body weak and sore, before taking the wool off of his eyes, and soon the rest of his body. His eyes adjusted once more as he looked around this place he had found himself in.

It was a small stone enclosure, appearing to have been carved into the earth itself. There was a small stone platform where he had been laying for three days. The small stone room, and a massive stone sealing the entrance. There was only a small space between the large stone and the walls of his tomb, allowing only the smallest beam of light to shine through.

He smiled, for he knew what this meant. He had risen again after his death. What the Lord had told him was true. His will was made.

And yet, Jesus felt a sinking feeling in his chest. This place was not heaven, clearly.

He was to join his Father in heaven. But now he is here, in this tomb. He pushed on the stone keeping him sealed. He pushed with all his might, but he could do nothing. His body was too weak.

Where was the way out?

Jesus felt foolish for a moment. He is the son of God. It was his time to ascend to the heavens. He would simply walk through the stone, a miracle he had preformed so many times before. God would free him.

He would be in heaven and see everyone again. He would see his father Joseph, his mother Mary. He would see his disciples. He prayed he would see Judas. He prayed he would be forgiven.

And so he walked towards the stone.

And nothing happened.

Jesus begun to panic. It felt as if the walls were closing in. Thoughts of doubt flooded his mind, but he pushed them aside as best as he could.

He tried to touch the stone once more. Nothing.

Panic had fully set into his mortal mind, yet from his face this was not evident. He stood in his tomb, trapped, his body still. He breathed in quick, shallow breaths. "This cannot be", he thought to himself.

"Lord, hear me. Free me from this tomb so that I may fulfill the task you have given me. I have died for the sins of man. Will you not forgive them now that I breathe yet? You must forgive them. Was that not your will? O Lord, let me be mistaken, bless me to be wrong in this moment. Free me from this prison so that man may be forgiven. Tell me, O Lord, that I am mistaken. Where are you, Lord? Father? Where are you, Father?!?".

He rammed his frail body into the stone again. And again. He felt his skin split open against the grit of the massive stone. His shoulder bled as he desperately tried to open his tomb.

He knew himself to be wholly man and wholly divine. Of this he surely would not ever doubt. But the fact he was so easily made to bleed, even after his supposed ascension, it sent shivers down his spine.

Jesus Christ He fell to his knees.

The sun begun to set, and the light coming from the tiny opening between the stone and his tomb was gone. He was once again blanketed in darkness. And Jesus wept.

"Father? Father…", he cried out, meekly.

He struggled to his feet. "I know you can hear me, Father", he said aloud, knowing he was lying to himself, "If you are there, free me…".

Once more, he weakly slammed his body against the stone. But instead of the hard rock he had expected to feel, he felt nothing.

He passed directly through, as if it was never there. Jesus smiled, knowing his Father was there, as he went through the stone.

But he didn't see the outside.

He only saw darkness.

And he did not stop falling.

Jesus fell through the Earth, plummeting down into an endless void.

Chapter 2: No End and No Beginning

"And the angel said unto them: Be not afraid…"

Luke 2:10

He awoke again in an unfamiliar place.

falls into the backrooms, level 0

he is confused by the strange environment and white lights and buzzing above him, he assumes it to be locusts or some sort of bug above him.

he wanders around, confused, and lost, and scared.

he wanders for what feels like weeks.

he encounters strange otherworldly beings. many that smile like demons, false fake deceptive smiles. others are simply twisted distortions of gods creations, of both beast and man. god created all, but how could he create a place like this?

and he enters a new place, a level of dark long empty hallways.

he considers if this place is even real, if it is a vision, or if it is simply hell.

he laments about his situation. everything he believed- no- KNEW to be true, that he was the son of god and would die for the sins of man. and yet here he was, in this unfamilar, strange, dark, and hostile world. this cannot be heaven. surely not.

he feels cold, and he tightens his white robes around him, placing a hood on himself.

but then he sees something that terrifies him, and puts a pit in his stomach. he sees a kids church level, with a massive cross. this triggers him, and he runs away in fear.

he sits alone, crying, seeing that cross made him think this is hell. the very thing that killed him is a symbol here, this cannot be a place of god. he doesn't know what to do or think, and prays that he can be saved, that he can save humanity.

suddenly, he hears footsteps. he looks up, and sees a false faceling, with only eyes. at first he is scared, is this a demon? a servant of hell? but then she kneels down and offers him a hand, her eyes seeming happy and empahtetic. she seems aware of her strange appearance, but her kind eyes spoke it all. "be not afraid".

Chapter 3: Sit There In Your Heartache

"Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

John 15:16

she leads Jesus to a small wanderer encampement. someone introduces Jesus to the faceling. they welcome him.

jesus asks where he is, and the survivors realize he is a newfallen. they tell him what the backrooms is. the survivors offer a place for Jesus to rest. theres a bunch of mattreses, as well as a bunk bed. he chooses to rest on the mattress against the wall due to claustrophobia, not wanting to experience being stuck again in the bunk bed, like the tomb he was stuck in.

as he rests, coming to terms with his new situation, he sees the other survivors. supporting one another, laughing together as friends, talking. it reminds him of being with is diciples. they are suffering, and this hurts him.

he talks to people, no one really recognizes him as jesus.

after a while of Jesus chilling around here, one of the survivors asks Jesus for some help. they left a stache of supplies somewhere else in the Level, and asks Jesus to go get it. Jesus of course accepts, and asks where it is. They say its in the church Level. This disturbs jesus, he doesn't want to go there again. But these people have been kind to him, and he decides to do it for them.

Chapter 4: Imagine There's No Heaven

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21

so he travels back to the church level, and sees someone there. someone praying at the church next to a jesus candle.

he waits for them to finish their prayer, hes litteraly jesus he knows that sh*ts important and wouldn't want to interupt it. but something catches him off guard at the end. her prayer ends with "in jesus name, amen". this shocks him.

hes like "excuse me, sorry to bother, im just looking for a green box. have you seen something like that?".

she wipes her tears and points to where it is.

he then asks "who was that you were praying to?"

"oh, that? its silly, im sorry if you heard that-"
"no im asking genuinley."

"oh, well. im praying to jesus christ. its.. pretty hopeless here in the backrooms, you dont need me to tell you that. im just… things are tough right now. always has been."

This really shocks jesus cuz shes saying shes praying to him. but like, how can that be? he just "died" on earth, right?

they've got a jesus candle, but its white jesus, and hes thinking like "thats not me lol"
wanting to know more, Jesus asks this woman who exactly Jesus is.

and she recites the story of jesus, being a good man and a miricle worker that was sent by god to earth to die for the sins of man, so that they may be forgiven.

jesus asks "and… when was that?"

and she says "2016 years ago, i guess. thats why its 2016A.D. after death."

he learns from this person that its the year 2016A.D., meaning after the death of christ.

he learns from talking to this person that christianity is in fact a thing, and billions of people worship christ.

but then its "thats in the real world though", "here in the backrooms i doubt many people have faith. we're all suffering so much. most people are hopeless"

jesus is saddened by this, but then she goes on to say "im still gonna be good when i can, though. if a place like the backrooms exists, i dont know if there is a god. so im gonna keep going and being good to people. its just the right thing to do… sorry, im rambling."

he realizes that even if not in the way he intended or thought, perhaps humanity was still saved the day he was on that cross. "god works in mysterious ways".

he thanks this woman, and says god bless you to her, and gives her a hug. she cries, before jesus heads back to the survivor encampment with the box.

Chapter 5: What If God Was One Of Us

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21

then cuts to a past tense narration, a "and so it was that" type thing

with a newfound resolve, he decides to travel back into the backrooms and explore, and help anyone he comes across.

he says how proud he is of humanity, that even in these dire circ*mstances of being in the backrooms, that there is still good.

he will be good too. if he truly is moral, he will live his life good, not because it is gods will, but because it is the right thing to do.

maybe one day when he does die, he will go to heaven, and see the lord again. and he will see joseph, and mary, and his deciples, and maybe even judas. he prays he will see judas in heaven. he prays that he will see them again all, and hopes he will make them proud.



Backrooms Pantheon Sandbox (2024)
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